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Leveraging cutting edge technologies we measure and interpret signals regarding our reader’s interest and tell stories accordingly. We dynamically adapt article layouts and user experience according to readers’ behavior and engagement.


Hive Media Group proprietary technologies enable us to seamlessly integrate with our partners, understand visitor engagement, and provide real time visibility from campaign management.


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Ad Technology enabling better coverage and premium placements


Innovative content management tool integrating seamlessly with WordPress


Ability to see site, traffic, and content performance in real time with monitoring and alerting capabilities including fraud detection


Hive Media Group operates diversified web properties that provide engaging content for visitors around the world. We’re committed to growth through internal site curation, as well as acquisition of well-known, brand-safe assets.

Trendchaser dishes up evergreen content for the modern mind. A revolutionary maverick on the publishing scene, Trendchaser has delivered outstanding stories to droves of consumers, smashing records and grabbing the attention of the savviest US advertisers. Through relentless trial and error, the site has stumbled upon a winning formula for readers and media buyers alike. Always fresh, never frozen, Trendchaser makes the content consumers love to click.

Idolator, originally founded in 2006 has become one of the leading independent publications dedicated to pop music. Passionate,critical and comprehensive, Idolator delivers breaking news and analysis,authoritative reviews, interviews,photo galleries, live music coverage and the latest songs, music videos and more. The site is regularly retweeted and name-check by household names like Lady Gaga,Kelly Clarkson and Meghan Trainor. It offers professional editorial and a premium brand that media buyers and fans alike have come to love and trust.

Buzznet was founded in 2005 as a music lifestyle photo sharing community that soared in popularity in the pop-punk and emo music genres at the birth of the UGC trend. Over the years, Buzznet grew up from being entirely emo and influencer-focused into more premium editorial and broader pop culture appeal while retaining its roots with beautiful photography and youth culture style and a solid brand media with users and media buyers.

Give it Love is home to awe-inspiring and heart-warming stories found from all corners of the web. Not all news is bad these days! We provide the positive stories you didn’t know you needed. Not only do we hope to give these stories love by giving them attention, but we strive to give you love by brightening your day! Feel free to spread the love and share which stories make you happy!

Desafío Mundial provides a constant stream of high-intent sports fans for brands seeking to connect with an impassioned global audience. We furnish soccer devotees with the latest coverage of their favorite sports superstars, via listicles, game recaps, lifestyle pieces, and high-impact formats. Desafío Mundial strives to entertain enthusiasts, while providing advertisers with unique methods of activating their target users.

Hooch is all about original content, hot off the presses! We publish fun and tasty articles that you can consume from all of your devices. We’re driven by the need to please our readers, so let us know what you think about our latest work. We know that we have something to add to your everyday reading list, so find what interests you at!

PureVolume pre-dated Myspace as the original social network for music discovery. PureVolume is a genuine platform – a place where emerging artists share their new music and fans go to discover them.The careers of Fall Out Boy, GymClass Heroes and more were launched on PureVolume, and the archives still include some of the earliest unreleased recordings from Lady Gaga and many more. PureVolume has been widely recognized in the New York Times,L.A. Times, Newsweek, ChicagoTribune, The Wall Street Journal, and others.

Hive Media Group reaches hundreds of millions of visitors across the globe through its owned and operated web properties. If your brand also wants to reach these visitors, contact us for advertising opportunities. We offer high-impact, comprehensive, solutions for advertisers in search of brand-safe options for their scalable media buys.


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